I’m a girl with a light side and a complicated side. I have a young family, a happy marriage, and a pair of businesses. One is a traditional brick-and-mortar, family-owned business with 50 employees and over 1,000 regular clients. The other is my network marketing business, which I run from home with my husband and frequently refer to as our “fun job.” And I started this blog because I had a dilemma I couldn’t make sense of.

I am an entrepreneur with heart. I love meeting people, and I know I have a gift to share with the world. But there was one problem.

I couldn’t bear to force my business down anybody’s throat. And it stopped me from success.

Do you feel the same way? Maybe you’re a business owner, or considering starting a business, and you’re struggling with the sales and self-promotion side of things because you’re not sales-y by nature.

Can you make authentic connections with others if you do have a business agenda? Can you develop meaningful relationships with prospects and clients (some of whom are your friends and family) and not spoil those relationships by doing business, following up, or charging what you’re worth?

It’s hard to trust whether you can truly pull it off, and whether you can do it well enough to make money.

I’m here to tell you that you can do it, and do it well.

This blog is full of tips and tricks to show you how to relate to people authentically, deepen your relationships with clients and colleagues, and become the best version of yourself along the way.

Business ownership is about more than making money. It gives you the chance to establish some real clarity: to set goals, get organized, and learn by doing. Before you can blink, the process starts to shape you. Here you are, on your own journey, trying your best to do something right.

So many people have told me that even if they never made a dime, they would still pursue this profession because they have become better people along the journey.

I feel the same way. My businesses have helped me make sense of life, relationships, money, and my own mindset. They’ve brought me courage and then tested that same courage. They’ve brought a growing network of amazing people into my life. I’m so happy I braved the leap.

This blog is a place for me to share what I learn as I go. It’s also about:

  • Learning to build more meaningful relationships with people;
  • Strengthening your business with authenticity;
  • Facing fears;
  • Rising from challenges;
  • Celebrating wins; and perhaps more than all,
  • Sharing stories.

Relationships can be messy. But you’re going to ace this. And we’ll cheer each other on.

Are you an authentic networker?

Share your stories in the comments in this blog. Or join the conversation on our Authentic Networker Facebook group. Tell us how your business has turned you into a better person. We’d love to hear more!