Why Authentic Networking?

Mia & Andy Torr

When we first got started in business for ourselves, we were so excited that we couldn’t sleep. We were eager to earn a living doing work we loved, setting our own hours, and working from home.

At first things went great… but we quickly ran out of people to talk to, and realized we were spending way too much time in coffee meetings that went nowhere. We started to feel like that slimy salesperson, who everyone runs away from like the zombie apocalypse. 🧟

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve hit the same obstacle in your business, too.

It’s the one marketing problem that keeps most home business owners stuck: how to meet more people and get more clients, without constantly chasing prospects.

It wasn’t easy for us. We had a young family and our bills were piling up. But we couldn’t imagine returning to work and missing our kids’ first years, just so that we could continue living paycheck to paycheck.

Most of all, we didn’t want to let go of our dream of owning our own business and doing something we loved.

That’s when we had our big realization: We had been trained on how to present our business and sell our products (Features! Benefits! Compensation plan!).

But that was all.

We had a great system for selling… but we had no system for building business relationships that led to a sales conversation.

And we weren’t alone. Everyone we knew who had a side gig was dealing with the same zombie salesperson problem we were!

When we looked into it, we realized that most home business owners have a system for selling, but they don’t have a system for building relationships.

So we built a system for ourselves. And it worked so well that we started to teach effective relationship marketing to other home business owners who depend on in-person networking, so that they could also get more clients without feeling “sales-y”.

Will it work for you? We think so. Our tools and trainings are designed to help build real relationships quickly, so you can spend more time helping the right people and less time chasing the wrong ones.

While you’re here, check out our Relationship Marketing Blog and Recommended Resources to learn more about how we can help you build better relationships, so you can break through your obstacles and hit those big business goals that are keeping you up at night.

Thanks for making us part of your business journey!

In appreciation,

Mia & Andy

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