real networking. for real people.

How a husband-and-wife team helped thousands of business owners to build better relationships, stand out from the crowd, and get more clients… without chasing, nagging, or feeling “sales-y.”

real networking. for real people.

How a husband-and-wife team helped thousands of business owners to build better relationships, stand out from the crowd, and get more clients… without chasing, nagging, or feeling “sales-y.”

We’re Andy and Mia Torr, a husband-and-wife team with decades of combined experience in business development, corporate communications, stakeholder relations, fundraising, organizational leadership and storytelling, public speaking, teaching, and curriculum design.

Our trainings have reached tens of thousands of learners internationally, and we’ve helped large organizations raise more than $100 million in funding.

At Authentic Networker, we specialize in training and coaching sales teams and service professionals who want to develop a strong base of local clients and convert more casual conversations into business connections.

Many sales trainers talk about the importance of relationships, but none have laid out step-by-step how to meet more local prospects, how to engage them authentically, and how to implement systems for networking, follow up and referrals.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal? To change the face of modern networking, one business at a time.


Have you ever wondered how to meet more people, get more referrals, and expand your personal network?

Have you already approached your friends and family multiple times, and found yourself needing to build a new warm market so you can scale your business?

That’s where we started.

When we launched our own small business a few years ago, we set out to meet more like-minded solopreneurs and business owners in Toronto, where we live.

We did all the things you’ve probably done, including attending EVERY NETWORKING EVENT UNDER THE SUN.

But we never felt comfortable at those events. Everyone we met just pitched at us, and nobody seemed like they were listening at all.

Has that ever happened to you? (And did you also feel like you needed a long shower afterward? Yech.) 

Needless to say, very few of our new networking “contacts” ever became business connections.

The last straw came one day when an over-confident young man casually threw (threw!) his business card at Mia during an event.

As it bounced off her chest and hit the floor, she vowed in that moment to change the culture of networking in our city.

And so Authentic Networker was born.

We started our own local business networking group so we could meet the types of people we wanted to meet, and have the types of conversations we wanted to have… without suffering all the self-promoting fools out there.

We had no idea what to expect. We just wanted to meet some good people.

Most of the people we met were good people… and they had the same problems we did:

  • Where can I meet more clients?
  • What do I say when someone asks me about my business?
  • How can I stand out from all the other people who do what I do?
  • How do I follow up without seeming pushy?
  • How do I get people coming to me, instead of me chasing them?
  • Where can I find a networking event that isn’t a total pitch-fest?

So we created a signature style of networking that allowed our members to have quality conversations and make real connections instead of just pitching their businesses to each other.

It wasn’t long before our members started asking us for help in growing their networks. So we poured our decades of experience in curriculum design, workshop facilitation, business development, and organizational leadership into an range of practical workshops, courses and coaching programs designed to help business owners and service professionals to stand out from the crowd.

Our training programs are field-tested and validated by our clients, who include financial professionals, coaches and consultants, network marketers, and a wide range of solopreneurs.

Within 18 months, our humble networking group had attracted over 1,000 local members, and we were training affiliated groups to deliver our signature networking events in more than 50 cities across Canada and the United States. We even have a group in France!


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(If you’re searching for better business networking in your city, and you’re tired of the usual pitch-fests, don’t despair. You can look us up on Meetup Pro and hopefully you’ll find a group near you.)



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