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Have you ever seen a child and had a flash of who they might become?

It happened the summer I turned seven.

My mom first raised an eyebrow when I marched in with the neighbourhood kids and trooped them down to our basement.

When kids started leaving with our stuff, and more kids arrived with money in hand, she blazed down the stairs to investigate.

There she found me, counting change for the kid next door. To her horror, I had affixed price stickers to every item we owned, and had opened up our basement as a retail discount store. I was trying to sell all of our possessions for candy money.

I don’t remember the grounding that followed. But I can still tell you this: seven years on this earth and I was a full-fledged entrepreneur.

I look back at my childhood stories and I see that I’ve always been a leader, a teacher, an entrepreneur and a writer. I just was less apologetic about it when I was a kid. If you look back at the antics of your own childhood, you’ll see glimpses of your most authentic self.

It’s surprising what your inner kid can teach you

If you’re trying to earn extra income on the side, you’ll be most successful if you know yourself well.

Why? Because self-awareness leads to authenticity. Authenticity means being your transparent, flawed, beautiful, unapologetic self. It influences what you do and how you interact with people. Your home-based business, surprisingly, will become a platform to let your light shine. The brighter it shines, the more money you will make.

So think back. When you were young, at your happiest, what were you doing? When you are happiest now, as an adult, what are you doing?

Here’s something Dani Johnson teaches in depth: as kids, we were full of enthusiasm. We were risk takers. We were persistent. And we had faith.

Go back to your childhood memories and recapture that spirit.

A business dilemma

My kids have given me some of the best nuggets of business wisdom. Daily, they demonstrate exactly how to be authentic and persuasive.

These two know what they have to say to get a cookie. “May I have a cookie, please?”  The script has been drilled into them. They know it cold.

But they don’t just bark the words. Oh, no. They unleash their full personalities on you. Unbelievable sales people, these two. They will warm you up, and utterly charm you with their questions and personalities. And then, they’ll ask for that cookie with all their hearts.

Most people just nod, and smile, and hand over the treats. No objections whatsoever. It’s seriously impressive.

Let’s learn from these little sales Jedis.


4 surprising steps to be yourself (despite the script)

Embrace the script.

Listen to me. I am shaking your shoulders. If your business has a successful system or script to follow, that thing is like gold. Don’t come up with reasons it won’t work! Embrace the script. Rehearse it until you find the feeling and intonation that sounds like you.

If you can use the script as written, your team will be able to duplicate. If you fight it, you’ll be miserable. If you change it, your team won’t duplicate. It’s as simple as that. Don’t be arrogant enough to believe that you can do it better (at least, not until you have a six-figure paycheck!).

Drop the “business” persona and relax.

Your authenticity shines when you genuinely connect with people. So relax and take a genuine interest in the people you talk to. Ask them thoughtful questions. Find out what makes them tick.

When you rehearse your words, find what feels like your most confident, easy voice. Not some fakey “business” voice. No. Your real, true, conversational voice. The “you” that your friends love. The “you” that is enthusiastic, and full of adventure. The voice that loves people, and that has fun.

Serve others.

Entrepreneurship with heart is about serving others. Yes, you will benefit from the money that follows. But your reason for being is to genuinely help other people.

Reach deep inside yourself and find the impact you’d like to leave on the world. Then write down your goal for helping others and stick it somewhere you can see it every day. Give your heart the steering wheel. Let it drive your business.

Stand up straight and smile.

Business is a posture game. Especially when it comes to follow up and closing. That’s where most of us (myself included!) can totally crumble. So quit being floppy, find your strength, love what you do, and smile. Invite people into your world. Be proud of your business.

Remember this when you ask.

Kids don’t worry that you will judge them when they ask for a cookie. They will brave any possible rejection because the reward is worth it. And if you say no- they’ll just try again later.

So the next time you feel nervous about your business, find your authenticity, and remember the way you used to stand up straight whenever you asked your mom for a cookie.

Ask with enthusiasm. Your cookie is coming.


Mia’s dream is to help thousands of awesome people to build businesses, realize their goals, and become better people in the process.

Are you a real person trying to get ahead in the world? Ready to earn that cookie already? If you think building a home business might help you, book a Get Acquainted call with me. I’d love to chat.

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