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Planning to join us? Please read and observe the following etiquette:

1. Choose a quiet location without background noise.
2. Turn on your video so that others can see you. First impressions count!
3. Commit to minimizing distractions. Avoid driving, walking, or multitasking.
4. Come prepared to share a link to your LinkedIn profile for follow-ups.
5. Our “Networking Code of Conduct” still applies to online meetings. We will review this at the beginning of the call.

See you on Zoom!

Real Networking Online gives you a way to find support, build community, and continue growing your network from the convenience of your home office.

In these free online networking events, you’ll meet new people, talk about your business, and schedule follow-up conversations. 

You’ll meet business owners from your local area and from other parts of the country, so you can expand your network beyond your own city.

Real Networking Online happens on the first Thursday and the third Tuesday of every month. Subscribe to receive reminder emails. 

Virtual Masterminds are a live online panel discussion with small business owners to explore how to build trust with your clients, contacts, and audiences.

When you take part in this free online roundtable, you’ll connect with other members from our international networking community. You’ll get tips, tricks, and resources to move your business forward.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out, join us to hear from our panelists, ask questions, and share your own experiences. 

Virtual Masterminds happen on the second Thursday of every month. Subscribe to receive reminder emails.

Are you looking to fine-tune your business networking skills?

Check out our library of Relationship Marketing workshops!

Each premium workshop offers a deep dive into a critical aspect of relationship marketing marketing: attracting ideal clients, pitching your business, getting ROI on networking, following up, generating referrals, etc.

You’ll come away with proven strategies, tactics, and tools to help you grow your business. You’ll also get unlimited access to an in-depth recording & a professionally designed worksheet. 

Workshops are hosted live on the fourth Thursday of every month. Register below for reminder emails.

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