Relationship Marketing Resources

We’re often asked how we build business relationships so quickly. The short answer is that we have a system for building trust with the people we meet, so we can save time and stay organized.

Here are a few of the tools we use in our own business. Some are free and others cost money. We only recommend products and services that we actually use in our own business.

Relationship Marketing Blueprint [Online Course]

Our flagship training is a friendly, results-driven masterclass to immediately help you build a relationship marketing strategy into your business.We’re all about helping business owners make meaningful connections, without the embarrassment of feeling slimy and sales-y. We’ll show you how to target your ideal client, tell your unforgettable business story, and connect authentically, powerfully, and consistently with your audience.  Learn More

Recommended Marketing Tools


SendOutCards is by far our favourite follow-up tool. It’s a relationship marketing system that lets you create custom greeting cards on your computer or phone, and send them into the real mail with one click. It’s a great way to say “nice to meet you” or appreciate the people in your network. [Full Disclosure: As referral partners, we receive compensation if you purchase through us.]  Learn More


ActiveCampaign is a CRM (customer relationship manager) that helps us stay in touch with our in-person network and our email subscribers. It keeps us organized and saves us time by automating important tasks. We’ve tried several different email service providers, and we like ActiveCampaign the most.  Learn More

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