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Get More Clients

In-person networking is still the fastest way to meet potential clients. Find a networking group in your city and attend a Meetup near you.

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Scale Your Business

Learn a predictable system for turning casual conversations into business connections, so that your lead generation works like clockwork.

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Grow Your Influence

Become a local influencer by leading your own business networking group, and join our international Authentic Networkers community.

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The following programs are the reason why our clients achieve such great results standing out in the marketplace, increasing their local influence, generating consistent leads, and converting more clients. These programs shorten the learning process by establishing a consistent schedule of appointments.

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Ideal if you are trying to scale your business and you need help systemizing your offers. You want to stand out quickly in a saturated market, increase traffic, and leverage your business relationships.

This program is the most direct path to fast results because it includes two half-day private coaching sessions, access to our online masterclass and live trainings, and follow up calls for implementation.

Gold Accelerator Program

Are you ready to stand out in the marketplace, generate consistent leads, fine-tune your mindset, and get more referrals? We will help you develop systems to increase your local market presence and grow your business relationships, your clients and your income.

This program includes 36 half-hour private coaching calls, giving you a full year of implementation and accountability to achieve results. You also get access to our our online masterclass and live trainings.

Silver Maintenance Program

Do you want to attract more clients through networking and exhibiting at local events? We will help you get clear on reaching your ideal client, fine-tune your marketing message, and create your follow-up systems.

This program includes 18 half-hour private coaching calls, giving you six months of implementation and accountability to achieve results. You also get access to our online masterclass in relationship marketing.

Online Masterclass in  Relationship Marketing

Learn at your own pace with our proven system for converting leads into customers, and customers into referrals… like clockwork.

Target your ideal clients, tell your compelling business story, refine your pitch, improve your networking success, focus your follow up, and increase your referrals – all while weaving authenticity into the foundation of your business. Includes six online modules, workbook, and access to live trainings.


Authentic Networker helped me 10x my business in 12 months. In the last year, working with Andy and Mia has allowed me to pay off my house, put my wife through school, and increase my closing rate from 18% to 90%. I will never stop telling people how much you changed my life.

Andrew Meitz, Financial Advisor

This course is an outstanding resource for both the seasoned professional and the new business owner.
Every session provides new insights and great networking opportunities.
If you are struggling with your business or would like to improve an already growing business I would highly recommend this course.

Bill Botshka, President, Botshka & Associates

I used to avoid networking at all costs. I am now attending regular networking events and I know exactly what to say, and how to follow up so that we move past “nice to meet you” and I’m booking more clients. And that’s exciting!

Graeme Knight, New Route Digital


Use Meetup to attract your perfect prospect and enroll more ideal clients.

Imagine having 50… 500… or even 5,000 members in a networking group that YOU LEAD.

How would that change your posture?

How would it change your lead flow?

How would it change your business?

When you unlock the power of the STAR QUADRANT then 
finding more of your ideal client becomes automatic.

We’re ready when you are! Your path to more clients, referrals, and influence is right around the corner.

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