At Authentic Networker, we specialize in training and coaching sales teams and service professionals who want to develop a strong base of local clients and convert more casual conversations into business connections.

We work with corporate teams, financial professionals, realtors, sales professionals, and a wide range of individual business owners.

Our training and coaching programs complement most in-house training programs and give sales managers more tools to motivate, reward, and retain their team members.

Our trainings have reached tens of thousands of learners internationally, and we’ve helped large organizations raise more than $100 million in funding.


We’ve had thousands of conversations with business networkers and sales managers, and it’s taught us one thing.

The world has moved into a relationship economy.

We believe single most the important thing you can do for your business in a relationship economy is to master business relationships.

And unless you (and/or your sales team) understand exactly how to build relationships that consistently bring qualified clients to you… all other sales training is irrelevant.

Many sales trainers talk about the importance of relationships, but none have laid out step-by-step how to meet more local prospects, how to engage them authentically, and how to implement systems for networking, follow up and referrals.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal? To change the face of modern networking, one business at a time.



Our workshops, seminars and online courses help sales teams to convert more casual conversations into business meetings, without getting stuck in the “coffee club.”


Our powerful facilitated networking sessions are ideal for building community at corporate events. Our signature networking format can be adapted for a range of group sizes.


Our coaching sessions provide personalized support in targeting ideal clients, pitching with posture, networking strategy, following up with authority, and gaining referrals.

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For corporate clients, we offer customized training packages to meet your company’s needs. We’ll take you through our thorough discovery process and prepare a full proposal to ensure we meet your expectations and timelines.

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Authentic Networker helped me 10x my business in 12 months.

In the last year, working with Andy and Mia has allowed me to pay off my house, put my wife through school, and increase my closing rate from 18% to 90%.

I will never stop telling people how much you changed my life.

Andrew Meitz

Financial Advisor, Desjardins Financial

This course is an outstanding resource for both the seasoned professional and the new start-up business person.

Every session provides new insights and great networking opportunities.

If you are struggling with your business or would like to improve an already growing business I would highly recommend this course.

Bill Botshka

President, Botshka & Associates

I had so many great takeaways from the workshop. I discovered specifically where I can improve and now I know what I’m already doing right.

I left the workshop excited to implement follow up that is actually fun when coming from your heart instead of being a “chore”. Thank you so much!

Anita Schmitt

Independent Consultant, Arbonne International

The workshop is worth more than what I paid. I gained clarity and direction.

Thanks Mia! I wish I could have met you a few years ago, so I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on the detour in
my business. ZhiMin Hu

Director, UpFilm Productions

I used to avoid networking at all costs. I am now attending regular networking events and I know exactly what to say, and how to follow up so that we move past “nice to meet you” and I’m booking
more clients. And that’s exciting! Graeme Knight

Digital Consultant, New Route Digital

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