How to turn your networking efforts into a steady stream of warm leads (without feeling pushy, learning new tech, or leaving your house)

Ever feel frustrated at not meeting the right people when you network?

When you ask for referrals, do people tell you, “I’ll keep an eye out” …but you never hear back?

Would you love to know exactly how to generate referrals from your warm market, your happy customers, and from new contacts?

Join international networking leader Mia Torr for 90 minutes of powerful action steps so your business can begin generating consistent referrals, like clockwork.

We’ll cover:

  • What you need to have in place to make your business more referable;
  • How and when to ask your customers and warm market for referrals;
  • How to turn a networking follow up into a referral conversation that gets results;
  • Resources and workshops to go deeper if you want to build better relationships and attract more clients across all your marketing efforts.

Just imagine: what could it do for your business to get even 10% better at generating warm leads?

Excited to join us? Get ready to take some notes: this workshop is actionable and easy to implement. Just register for free and set aside the time in your calendar to join us live or on the replay.

Register at

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