Relationship Marketing Workshops

Are you looking to fine-tune your business networking skills? 

Check out our library of workshops!

Each workshop offers a deep dive into a critical aspect of relationship marketing marketing. 

You’ll come away with proven strategies, tactics, and tools to help you grow your business.

You’ll get unlimited access to an in-depth video & professionally designed worksheet. 

Attract Your Ideal Client

$50 USD

You’ll develop an ideal client profile so you can laser target your audience with a crystal-clear marketing message.

Positioning Clinic

$197 USD

Are you bringing a new offer to market? Optimize your offer in this deep-dive copywriting clinic. You’ll clarify the promise of your offer, develop a clear market message, and focus your networking pitch. 

How to Facilitate Powerful Group Conversations

$50 USD

Are you growing your following into a community? Discover the best practices for facilitating conversations, fostering a dynamic group culture, and encouraging engaged and open participation at your next event.

Generate Consistent Referrals

$50 USD

You’ll learn how to create powerful partnerships and build a referral program that generates inbound leads like clockwork.

Goal Setting Workshop

$197 USD

Are you pivoting without a roadmap? Do you need to define your goals and put actionable steps in place? Our most popular deep dive workshop has helped over 1,000 business owners define their goals and achieve them.

Business Storytelling For Action

$50 USD

You’ll learn how to strategically use business storytelling to intrigue people and inspire them to take action to work with you.

Pitch With Posture

$50 USD

You’ll develop a polished business pitch you can adjust for different audiences and begin using immediately.

Networking That Converts

$50 USD

You’ll learn how to create a personalized strategy that gets you a return on your networking activities.

Follow Up Like A Boss

$50 USD

You’ll learn the correct mindset, habits, skills, and systems to follow up consistently and professionally.

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